Things I think about….

I’ve been thinking recently ( I know, scary!) There are a few things I’ve seen in the last few years, that had I known in the 90’s, my whole teenage perception of things would have been destroyed.

Example 1.

If someone had told me that Vanilla Ice would be a house renovator with a show on a channel dedicated to homes and decorating, I would NEVER have believed you. I mean, who saw that coming??? Now, I love me some rap, in particular the song “Ice Ice Baby”. I still remember watching it be played 17 times in a row on a request show on MTV or VH1.

And, just a couple weeks ago I was jamming to it in my hubby’s truck. I also love me some interior design. But 20 + years ago, what is now fact would have seemed like science fiction. Not to mention the Amish season. I have no words for that.


2. The concept that Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart would host a a cooking show together ( not once, but regularly) would have just been too much for me to imagine. I mean, Snoop Dog and the snotty white lady who creates unattainable food, crafts and interiors?  Talk about worlds colliding…. Although she did do some time in prison, so maybe this makes more sense than I originally thought.

3. If I had seen pics of Eminem’s house, I would have called you a liar. I’d say there is no way a famous rapper would live in a house with tromp’ole on the walls, pine cabinets, and floral curtains,. Just no. 

No wonder he was never on Cribs….

So, now I’m wondering, will Vanilla Ice buy Eminem’s house and update it on HGTV?  That would make a good show!


Party like you’re 39

So I recently had my birthday. It’s not the big 40, just the one before. So, I decided I was going to celebrate the last bday of my thirties with style!

On my actual birthday, I was on vacation with my parents in North Padre. I have one word for you: BEACH.  Yup, that was a great week.

The following weekend, once I was back home in Oklahoma, I had a birthday party. For myself. With my girlfriends. Where does a 39 year old woman celebrate her birthday with the ladies in her life??? The Unicorn Club. Yes, that’s a real place. Yes, it is as girly and sparkley, and fun as it sounds. 

“It’s my birthday” drink

And of course I got to show off my unicorn hair and a giant fluffy tutu.

Seriously, I have the best group of friends ever. I’m so thankful for these ladies who encourage me and helped me celebrate the big 39! I have to say, it was my best birthday party yet.

Cutest cake ever!

Make the most of every (birth)day! You will never regret making fabulous memories.

National Best Friends Day

have to say that at this point in my life, I have the most friends I’ve ever had. Not only that, but I have the best friends I’ve ever had.  Growing up and even into my 30’s I really struggled in the area of friendship.

As a kid, I did not have the social skills I needed. I was bullied, even by the other kids that were bullied. Occasionally I would make a short term friend, but never anything lasting. As I got older, I did well at being friendly and learning to chat with anyone. But the ability to make a real friend, with a two sided relationship alluded me (other than my hubby). I often had relationships where people called me when they wanted or needed something, but it was extremely rare to have someone who was intrested in me as a person. And I often wondered why. I’ve figured out some of the “whys” over the years, but that’s not what this blog post is about.

In the last 5 years or so, I have met and been befriended by some of the most amazing, sweet, fun, and encouraging women ever.  I feel like I finally found my tribe. And I am so, so thankful.

I love that I can be real with these ladies. The cheer moms I was a part of the last few years are awesome. Our time spent together was part watching our kids practice and mommy group therapy.  One of my closest friends and I have been there for each other trough depression, anxiety attacks,emergency situations, and lots of fun times. Another friend and I share a quirky sense of humor, and check in on each other daily, discussing whatever is going on at the time. I have friends that I meet up with play dates for our kids, friends who I stop by their work to give or get a hug. I have friends who I’ve known since my teen years, and we get together and eat Mexican food or go to the pool. I have a friend who does my mermaid hair and should be paid as my therapist.  And I’m still making new friends, all the time!

So, to all of you in my tribe, thank you! I love you all. Here’s to many more years of friendship!

A trip to the Silos in Waco

Im on vacation with my parents and my girls. My hubby had to stay home and work, we were unable to get someone to do his work this time. And Benji had to stay and finish up his Vo-tech classes, which went longer than his school year.

And yes, I know, what could I possibly need a vacation from? I don’t have a typical job. I live in a beautiful house, and have an amazing husband and kids. But, when offered a trip to the beach, this girl isn’t going to say “no”.

So to make a beach trip even better, we stopped in Waco along the way. And when in Waco, you have to visit the Silos! (At least I do!)

And it’s just as beautiful and amazing in person as I had imagined.

The day we went it was very overcast, and rainy. But that makes for some great pictures.

Inside the store, the displays and products were beautiful. Lots of chippy wood, rusty metal, shiplap and subway tiles.

This wall of oars in the entryway with this faux fireplace is one of my favorites.

And this kitchen area made me feel right at home with the rustic black cabinets and white subway tile with black grout.

And now I need to find a spot for an old boat turned shelf in my house after seeing this.

Next we went to Magnolia Bakery. Because, who wouldn’t?

It took all I had not to eat a cupcake, but my herd sure loved them!

I have to say my favorite place at the Silos is Magnolia Seed Company.

The gardens are a dream.

And with a little junk in them, just the way I like.

And dont forget the fairy gardens.

And of course they have the cutest greenhouse ever.

And the teepee.

Inside the store is just as adorable!

But my most favorite part of all is the people I was with!

My Mom

My girls

And my Dad

And here’s a pic of me

Beach adventures coming soon!


Rainbow Brite

Yup, that’s me, a mom with rainbow colored hair. Why yes, I’m about to be 39 years old. And no, I’m not where I’d like to be or even comfortable with my weight. (That’s a whole other blog post). Does that mean I should wear mom jeans, have boring hair, and blend in? I decided that it doesn’t. I decided that since I like rainbow colored hair, I can rock it!

And you know what? I get complimented on my crazy hair from people of all ages. You know what else they tell me? “I wish I was brave enough to do that.” And I tell them, you can!

Oh, I know that some employers and schools have rules about hair color and style. And it’s important to keep that in mind. But, I think that more often than that l, we impose our own limitations on ourselves. Just because I may not be the size I want to be doesn’t mean I can’t have the hair I’d like to have. It doesn’t mean I have to wear mom jeans and blend in to the crowd. I decided to stop waiting to be who I really am, until my body is what I think it should be. So I’m gonna rock my rainbow brite hair, my retro/funky/ fabulous clothes, and enjoy being me right here, right now, just the way I am.

P.s. Did not try this at home! This is an extensive hair coloring process, and not one you want to DIY. My friend and hair stylist Michelle Lowery spends 5 hours on my hair each salon visit. She uses special products and makes sure my hair doesn’t get fried in the process.  If you want fun colors in your hair, it’s a commitment of time (hours in the salon every 4-6weeks) a commitment to the color( it’s never going to fully come out) and money ( it’s not cheap.)  



The Junk Garden 2017

I have been working hard in my “junk garden” this spring.  As you know, I love to use funky, junk containers as planters, and add rusty items as yard art. 

Ive been wanting a window box for this window, but decided that this little teal bench would work just as well. And I’m pretty sure, I love it more than a window box.  Oh, and I think the hydrangea and lavender go perfectly with the bench.

 “Buddy’s Dragin Wagon” is one of my favorite containers. This year I’ve used it to hold herbs, aloe, and some funky grass.

These little button flowers sitting on a kid sized teal bench brighten up the flower bed in front of the porch.

I adore the volunteer sunflowers that pop up randomly, and can’t wait to see them bloom.

I’m using this cart on the porch to grow lettuce and Kale, and display some of my crazy porch decor.

And the bath tub is growing all kinds of veggies.

More veggies are growing in the wash tubs and amazing smart pots.

This crazy curly grass is one of my favorite plants, and the rusty bucket is the perfect container for it.

Right now I have my hubby’s favorite flowers growing in the bucket and pulls planters. I’ll change that out when it gets too hot for the pansies.

And last but certainly not least, is Cricket, my 1968 C-10.  Her bed is the ultimate “flower bed”. I found this trough at one of my junkin holes, as well as this bottom part to a huge chicken feeder. I can’t wait to add to this, and really fill the back of Cricket up.

A trip to Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile

I live in Sperry, Oklahoma. It’s a tiny town just North of Tulsa,  however we are in Osage county, giving me the occasional semi legitimate  excuse to go to  Pawhuska. Last week, I “needed” to visit there to pay my property tax. Yes, I could have mailed it, but that’s just not as fun!

Now, I purposely went  early in the week. Mondays and Tuesdays are usually significantly less busy, and if you go in the morning onthose days, you often do not have to wait to either be seated for breakfast or to get into the store. Later in the week, the line is often around the block to get in to either the restaurant or the store.

On this visit, I had pecan sticky buns for breakfast. (They also have “real breakfast” items, but I’m a sucker for sweets.)

After I devoured my sticky buns, I went over to the shop. I love checking out all the displays and fun products.


There is a mix of singnature Pioneer Woman items, like dishes, along with lots of fun Oklahoma themed items, her books, clothes, and soap. I bought an amazing perfume while I was there.

There is a separate bakery and candy store upstairs, as well as space to hang out, read. I recommend “High Heels to Tractor Wheels” (my favorite Ree Drummond book, which tells her love story with Ladd).

I have have to say, I’m a little obsessed with the ladies room. It’s so pretty, I had to take a pic!

And the wood floors in the Merc are amazing.

The front door to the store speaks to my love of  dramatic entrances and spring flowers.

Have you made the trip to Pawhuska yet? If so, what was your favorite thing there?



The Flood

I’ve been missing from here for a while, dealing with multiple disasters and problems. I’m so glad to be back, and through the messes (literally and figuratively).

December 21st, I brought my girls home after school and was greeted by waterfalls pouring out of my light fixtures, and 2 inches of water covering most of our floors.  Those light fixtures were on, btw.

First, I got the girls out of the house as quickly as possible, concerned about mixing water and electricity. Second, I started calling water clean up companies, and told my hubby what was happening. I also called the water department and found the cut off valve for the water.

Because it had been a super cold day the day before, and warmed up that day, all the restoration companies were swamped (pun intended).

Jamie and I attempted to sweep some of the water out of the house, but quickly realized it didn’t do much compared to the effort. Around 8 pm, a restoration company was able to show up, and used a massive vaccumn to suck the water away. But that was only the begining of the clean up. Then we’re the days of drying it all out. There we so many fans and humidifiers, you could barely walk through my house, and it sounded like a wind tunnel. We had to move out for 5 days, including Christmas. Yuck.

The next couple of days were  what Chip Gaines calles “Demo Day”. However, I do not like demo near as much as he does. Walls were tested for moisture, trim was taken down, sheetrock was ripped out, and furniture was piled in an unuseable heap in the living room. Pure chaos.

Then the build back process began. If you’ve ever lived in a remodel, you know what this is like. Basically the only usable areaa of the house were the master suite, and the kitchen and laundry. So basically, I holed up in my room, trying to pretend the craziness outside of it didn’t exist. Which is hard to do with contactors singing and building, and children using my room for a living room.

I have to say, it was not all bad. I was able to pick a new wall color for the main living areas and kids’ bedrooms, and I love the new color. The concrete floors also got a new coat of sealer and look great.

It took about 2 months before all the work was done. We had to stay away from the house again at the end while they sealed the floors. My youngest daughter had a nasty case of the flu during this time. Then she kindly passed it to me.

So from mid December until now has been rough at our house. I’m ready for a healthy family, and a clean and organized house.  Wish me luck and lots of energy!

A Family Tradition

In our family, we have a different type of tradition.  Every October we take family pictures. We’ve done this the last 5 years, and all but one have been with our extended family.

The exact number, and who all attends varies from year to year. But it is such a great tradition for several reasons.

fb_img_1479933036382 fb_img_1479933135077 fb_img_1479933102911 fb_img_1479933140614 fb_img_1479933154830

First, it ensures we have pics of everyone together. We often take pics at family functions, but these are higher in quality, and have everyone looking the same direction!

Second, having good quality pics of everyone makes it easy to not only make Christmas cards, but photo books and canvases for gifts.

Third, watching all the kids grow from year to year in the pics is amazing. It’s awesome to have a visual record of their ages and stages. Cousin pics and grandparents with the grandkids pics are some of my favorites!received_10154677505777162 img_3769 img_3790

Fourth, making it a tradition means everyone knows it’s going to happen. They can plan ahead, and in case of the guys, mentally prepare themselves.img_3789

How do we make it happen! At this point we have a photographer that we use year after year. We all like her style, and she’s amazing at getting great shots of everyone ( even those of us who aren’t good at being photographed).  So we start making plans in September and figure out a date that works for everyone. Then we pick a location. The last few years have been at my place since we have a big area that works well for pictures. Then we discuss clothing and colors, and then I start planning props.cropped-received_10154677498332162.jpeg

Since I have a rotating stock of “junk” and interesting furniture, it’s not hard for me to pull together props and set up vignettes. And I sorta love that part.  And I definitely love these people.